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Hello mimmo.dicaterino,
I just wanted to let you know that you did hit my home tab with your beautiful pictures. I really love your pictures and think you are doing an awesome job with your profile 🙂
Most of us know that climbing on Instagram can sometimes be challenging. Many new people enter and share pictures on a regular basis, and often our pictures seem to have gotten lost from the masses. I know how we, together with your beautiful images, can prevent this.
My account is @ and I have over 100,000 followers and I would love to post some of your awesome photos on my Instagram page. I would do it as a shoutout to your profile, and I would tag you on your picture as well and mention your profile name in the caption.
When my followers see your pictures you will gain a lot of new followers, and tens of thousands of new people will discover you as well.
Can I do this? 🙂
Best wishes
Piper from
Of course you can, as long as there is a mention of my profile (you know in the world of art and creativity the credits are important), at the moment I can only thank you from my heart, the times for the artists at this moment in Italy more than anywhere else they are complicated, and words like yours raise morale and self-esteem, thanks again, Mimmo Di Caterino.
Thank you so much for getting back to me on this 🙂
This collaboration between us will get you so many new followers, and you will save so much time and effort. We have done many collaborations over the time, and I know you will get very good results, if we share your amazing pictures.
I love your work, and your profile is stunning. I am able to promise you will gain more than 500 new real followers for every shoutout we do for you my account @GlamnLuxurious. If we do 3, you will gain 1500 new followers, and if we do 7, you will gain more than 3500 new followers.
I know our followers will love your pictures, so we promise you will get a full refund, if you gain less followers than what we promise in these packages 🙂
Our packages. We recommend 3 or 7 shoutouts because it will give you the best results and value:
1 Shoutout – $39 (500 Followers) (normal $59)
3 Shoutouts – $79 (1500 Followers) (normal $119)
7 Shoutouts – $159 (3500 Followers) (normal $229)
All we need to start this now, is to know which package you prefer. We also need you to send your pictures here on email. We will post your pictures on our profile as soon as possible, and we will make sure to post your first picture within 24 hours from now. If you do 3 or 7 shoutouts, then we will share one of your pictures every day for 3 or 7 days, so one picture daily, to make sure you get the best results.
Your new followers will start following you almost instantly after we share one of your pictures, and you will have more than 500 new followers within 24 hours after each shoutout.
Your stunning profile will get the attention it deserves, and it will become much more popular, if we do a collaboration. We do receive payments via Paypal, so I will send the invoice along with the contract there.
Btw our prices are very cheap at the moment 🙂
Best Regards,
Piper from @
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Bye bye brother:)

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