Ci ha lasciato l’artista della Mail Art Dobrica Kamperelić

Dobrica Kamperelić was born in Beograd, former Jugoslavia in 1947. He studied law at the University of Beograd. After his graduation he worked as lawyer in a publishing house. In the 1960s he was drummer of the group The Impossibles. In 1968 he started writing and painting. In the late seventies he began to collaborate with the international scenes of concrete and visual poetry and the Mail Art scene. He participated in various Mail Art projects and had single exhibitions all over the world. From 1985 to 1996 he published the Mail Art-Magazine Open World and he is author of four books. He is furthermore a member of the Serbian Writers Association UKS and the Serbian Visual Artists Association ULUS.

Oggi Dobrica Kamperelic (Serbia) è morto, leggi le notizie su Facebook. Questo gruppo è fatto per condividere le notizie e per pubblicare post per ricordarlo. La sua rivista Open World era il suo lavoro di una vita.


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